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Confused about decision-making? Human design authority is your innate guidance system dictating the most authentic way for you to make choices. Covering emotional, splenic, sacral, and more, this article will delve into how each authority type affects your life’s path. Learn to harness your human design authority for decisions that truly reflect you, unfolding the process with clarity and confidence.

Decoding Your Inner Authority in Human Design

Human Design is a comprehensive system that integrates various elements such as astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system and quantum physics to provide insight into human potential. Its core focus is on our inner authority – an internal knowledge within us that guides decision-making for personal growth and self-discovery.

The central aspect of Human Design revolves around three primary inner authorities: emotional Solar Plexus, Splenic and Sacral authorities. These individual sources play significant roles in our decision-making process by leading us towards choices that align with our true selves.

Our emotional solar plexus serves as one of these key governing forces which influence how we make decisions based on its unique guidance. Alongside this are other innate compasses like the splenic authority or sacral authority which work together to guide us towards authentic choices using their distinct influences.

Emotional Solar Plexus Authority

The emotional solar Plexus Authority is a key aspect of the Human Design system. For those with this authority type, decision-making relies heavily on their emotions and the energy from their Solar Plexus center.
This highlights:

Splenic Authority: The Oldest Awareness Center

The oldest awareness center in the body is associated with the Splenic Authority, which relies on intuition and instincts to guide decision-making. It provides sudden insights, bursts of inspiration, or abrupt realizations that inform individuals’ choices. Individuals with this authority type have a quiet communication style that emphasizes paying attention to their intuitive knowledge in the moment. The subtle whisper of the Splenic voice does not repeat itself, but guides individuals to make prompt decisions by trusting their inner wisdom.

Sacral Authority: Responding with Life Force Energy

The Sacral Authority is a distinctive component of the Human Design system that offers guidance for decision-making based on responses to life force energy and instinctual reactions.

Individuals with this authority type are encouraged to consistently respond to their surroundings, whether it be a question, situation or information. Essentially, trusting one’s gut instincts plays a vital role in this approach as it emphasizes being attuned to our senses in the present moment. This highlights its emphasis on taking into consideration both internal and external cues when making decisions within the framework of human design.

Harnessing Your Projected Authorities

Human Design also recognizes projected authorities such as Self Projected and Ego Manifested. These types of authority play a vital role in our decision-making, providing unique perspectives and influences.

The importance of self-projected authority lies in using one’s sense of identity to articulate thoughts, emotions, and aspirations when making decisions. In contrast, the presence of a defined heart center characterizes ego authority, which represents willpower, ego desires. Both these types guide us through our decision-making process with their distinct qualities.

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Illustration of a person vocalizing thoughts with emphasis on the throat center

Self Projected Authority: The Power of the Throat Center

Self Projected Authority is a distinct element of the Human Design methodology that emphasizes the importance of expressing one’s thoughts and listening to their own inner voice.

Those with Self Projected Authority are advised to verbalize their ideas, either by speaking out loud or sharing them with someone they trust. This practice, known as “energetic untangling,” can bring clarity during decision making by helping individuals sort through their thoughts.

The projected authority concept in Human Design encourages people to take ownership of their decisions and tap into their unique self-expression for guidance. By voicing our thoughts and actively engaging in the decision-making process, we can harness our self-projected authority more effectively.

Ego Manifested Authority: The Heart Center's Drive

The Ego Manifested Authority is an intriguing aspect of the Human Design system that relies on the drive, motivation, and values of the Heart Center to make decisions. Those with this authority are advised to trust their impulses and embrace spontaneity when making choices.

It is important for individuals with Ego Authority to pay attention to their energy levels as they can fluctuate. They should listen closely to what their body needs in order to rest whenever necessary. This understanding will allow them stay connected with themselves in each present moment while navigating decision-making processes.

Understanding Outer Authorities: Environmental and Lunar Influences

To inner and projected authorities, Human Design also recognizes the influence of outer authorities that can impact our decision-making process. These external factors are linked to the environment or lunar cycles and play a significant role in offering unique perspectives.

The Environmental Authority involves seeking guidance from sources outside of ourselves, while the Lunar Authority specifically applies to Reflectors who are advised to wait for an entire lunar cycle before making major decisions. This waiting period allows them time to gain clarity in order to make sound choices based on their specific design.

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Illustration of a person in different environmental settings representing environmental authority

Environmental Authority: Finding the Right Environment

The Human Design system highlights an intriguing aspect known as Environmental Authority. This type of outer authority stresses the importance of finding a suitable environment to aid in making clear decisions.

Individuals with Environmental Authority rely heavily on being in environments that promote comfort and ease, or surrounded by individuals who do so. These factors have a significant impact on their decision-making process within the human design framework.

Lunar Cycle Authority: Reflecting with the Moon

The role of the Lunar Cycle Authority is a unique aspect within the Human Design system that pertains specifically to Reflectors. This authority allows them to use the cycles of the moon as a means for gaining clarity and insight when making decisions.

Reflectors can effectively utilize the lunar cycle by tracking its transits and documenting their emotions, upcoming events, and other relevant information in a journal. Taking ample time before reaching any decision provides room for important insights and clear thinking based on these recorded observations.

Integrating Your Human Design Authority Type

Human Design is a valuable tool for decision-making, and it involves understanding how to integrate one’s individual authority type. This knowledge provides crucial guidance on making effective decisions in life.

Whether someone has Emotional Solar Plexus Authority, Splenic Authority, Sacral Authority or any other type of authority, knowing how to use their specific type can greatly empower them in the decision-making process by aligning choices with their authentic self. From learning about splenic and sacral authorities to harnessing emotional solar plexus energy, incorporating human design principles can enhance the way we make important decisions

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Illustration of a person riding a wave symbolizing emotional authorities

Embracing Emotional Authorities: Riding the Emotional Wave

For individuals with emotional authority in Human Design, it is essential to recognize the significance of emotions when making decisions. This involves learning to navigate through the ebbs and flows of their emotions and waiting for clarity before taking action.

The emotional Solar Plexus Authority type specifically relies on experiencing all kinds of emotions as a means to gain clarity. Waiting until there is 80% certainty around a decision (yes or no) is recommended for those with this authority type. It’s important not to rush into choices without fully understanding one’s emotional state first.

Trusting Your Gut: The Sacral Response

The Sacral Authority is a central aspect of the Human Design system, emphasizing reliance on one’s gut instinct. This type of authority emphasizes trusting intuitive feelings to guide decision-making.

Individuals with this authority are advised to consistently react based on their surroundings and information presented to them. It stresses the importance of tuning into present moment sensations in order to make decisions that align with one’s truest self.

Listening Intently: The Splenic Whisper

The Splenic whisper is a defining trait of the Splenic Authority within the Human Design system. This particular type of authority urges individuals to act quickly when making decisions, emphasizing the significance of paying attention to their intuitive instincts in each moment.

The unique sensation associated with this guidance often presents itself softly and briefly, appearing suddenly before disappearing just as quickly. Acknowledging and honoring these subtle insights by attentively listening can greatly enhance decision-making processes.

Navigating Openness and Consistency in Your Chart

It is crucial to fully comprehend both our inner, projected and outer authorities. To traversing the openness and consistency depicted in our individual Human Design charts. By taking into account how we handle having undefined centers as well as utilizing the consistency found within defined centers, we can greatly enhance our ability to make decisions.

Gaining an understanding of how openness and consistency manifest themselves within one’s human design chart empowers us during the decision-making process. Embracing both challenges and opportunities that arise from having undefined centers while also leveraging the reliability provided by defined centers allows for decisions that are reflective of one’s true self.

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Illustration of a human figure with some undefined centers

Dealing with So Much Openness: Undefined Centers

In Human Design, an individual’s undefined centers signify areas that lack a fixed or consistent energy pattern. This suggests a tendency to be receptive and adaptable in absorbing external energies from others.

Taking an active role in embracing our undefined centers can lead to personal development and significant transformations. It is important to acknowledge the influence of others’ energy on us and establish healthy boundaries while navigating through these open aspects in Human Design.

Leveraging Consistency: Defined Centers' Role in Authority

In Human Design, defined centers are important sources of strength and energy that greatly influence our decision-making. By understanding and incorporating these inherent strengths into our daily routines, we can improve personal effectiveness and positively contribute to the decision-making process.

It is crucial to be aware of one’s specific talents as determined by their defined centers in order to make informed decisions. Taking advantage of these characteristics within a structured schedule allows for optimal utilization of resources and improved ability in making constructive contributions during decision-making processes.

The Complex System of Human Design: Strategy and Authority

The Human Design system offers two key tools, known as Strategy and Authority, which help individuals make decisions that are in alignment with minimal resistance. These tools guide people towards their most suitable path.

Understanding the connection between Inner Authority and Strategy within the framework of Human Design is crucial. By comprehending and following our own personal Strategy and Authority, we can become our own authorities, allowing the rest of our design to naturally adapt to life’s circumstances and how we interact with the world.


In this journey through the fascinating landscape of Human Design, we’ve explored the intricate realms of inner, projected, and outer authorities. We’ve learned how to navigate the openness and consistency in our charts and understood the importance of integrating our specific authority types. By understanding and embracing our Human Design, we can transform our decision-making process and align our choices with our authentic selves. So, are you ready to decode your Human Design and master your decision-making?

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The decision-making style of an individual in Human Design is determined by their authority, which can be identified through the most defined energy centers on their body graph. This crucial aspect reveals how a person is designed to effectively make decisions based on their unique energetic makeup and influences.

In the realm of Human Design, mental authority is a scarce trait that can only be found in Projector types and accounts for just 0.5% of the entire population. This makes it the rarest form of authority within this system.

There are eight different authorities in Human Design, including Solar Plexus, Sacral, Splenic, Ego Manifested, Self-Projected, Ego-Projected, Mental, and Lunar Authority.

The concept of Strategy and Authority in Human Design informs us about our energy levels, indicating what we are drawn towards or repelled from. This knowledge can help guide decision-making as it provides insight into which ideas, opportunities, urges, and responses align with our natural energy flow. It does not guarantee outcomes but supports effective actions based on our individual human design authority.

When it comes to Human Design, your authority is a crucial factor in how you make decisions. This aspect is determined by the energy centers that are most filled and defined on your body graph, serving as a guide for understanding your decision-making style according to your unique design. Your chosen course of action should align with this inherent source of guidance within yourself.