Robert Krakower

Origin of Human Design System

Foundation Reading
  1. The human design system was originally created by Robert Krakower in 1987

    He had a profound mystical experience during a unique astronomical event, the death of a star. For eight days and nights, Robert experienced an encounter with a voice that he described as a download of the nature of the universe, the nature of humanity, and the underlying mechanical laws that guide our experiences as human beings. If you're interested, you can find videos on YouTube that describe his experience in more detail. 

    He was told that he would be a Messenger for Human Design and to introduce understanding and knowledge to the world. His name was given as Ra Uru Hu, so if you hear me refer to Ra, this is the person we are talking about. Ra is the founder of Human Design, although it's hard to say that he was a founder since it is a revealed knowledge. 

    Ra took it upon himself to become the Messenger of Human Design after it was revealed to him. He spent a significant part of his life refining the system, which has gone through an evolution over the years. The knowledge was refined to an incredible extent, to the point where it seems like Ra Uru Hu took many years to download the information and create a language to explain it. Human Design is a practice inspired by the New Age movement, and Ra's life's work was dedicated to sharing this knowledge. He passed away in 2011.