Open gate 10 Human Design

Open Gate 10 Human Design

Open Gate 10 Human Design – the Natural and Healthy state of a defined G or self-center It starts with self-love and then radiates to those around us.

Gate 10  in the G center or self-center is about self-love, behavior and how we express ourselves.

When gate 10 is open or undefined we can be adaptable like a chameleon. We can adjust our actions and responses based on the people or situations around us.

This adaptability can be a great strength allowing us to navigate different environments with ease.

We should not lose sight of who we are at the core and practice self-love when interacting with the world.

Imagine you are at a social lunch, and the group is discussing a popular TV show that you have not seen and don’t have much interest in.

With an open gate 10 you might go along with the conversation pretending to be interested in the show.

This could be your adaptability kicking in, but you will be behaving in a not self-state. It might make the social situation comfortable in the short term but can lead to feelings of inauthenticity or dissatisfaction later.

To be in a healthy state and more aligned with your self love – you could politely express that you have not seen the show but are interested in why those that have seen it enjoys it so much. This behavior could spark others in the non-healthy state to also express the same and cause a ripple effect.

Having an open gate 10 doesn’t mean you should compromise your authenticity for acceptance. Find your balance between adapting to situations and staying true to yourself.

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